Applying PODS to Retail

Seasonal Merchandise

  • Maximize revenue by maximizing inventory.
  • Store and move products with ease.
  • Creates a better environment for employees.
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Preparing for Black Friday? Gearing up for back-to-school? PODS enables retailers to instantly expand their backrooms during seasonal sales and short-term promotions.

Remove the logjam in storage. Increase the length of a sale with PODS containers. They allow retailers to stock more units of high-bulk, low-priced items during promotional periods. Maximizing sales while eliminating clutter.

Instantly respond to sales trends. With a single phone call, retailers can transfer slow-moving merchandise to better performing stores, without any repacking or unloading.

Solving the storage problem for pop-up stores. Pop-up stores can easily move, stock and store their merchandise with PODS containers and our large network of secure Storage Centers. Merchandise can be stored for 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 months at a time.

Increase employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. By eliminating tasks such as loading, unloading and driving trucks, employees are able to put their focus where it matters most — the customer. Plus, no longer will retailers have to worry about extra loading and unloading at off-site storage sites.


New Store Openings

With a national network of mobile, on-demand warehouses, PODS has enabled hundreds of companies to maximize.

Protect, store and deliver your retail concept. PODS enables retailers to bundle and transport furniture, lighting and other aesthetics that make up their retail concept. Preventing the common logjam during new store remodeling while ensuring brand standards is fulfilled at every location.

Stay ahead of deadline. From coordinating deliveries, construction timing to considering the schedules of contractors/managers/franchisees, PODS allows retailers to store elements at nearby PODS storage centers until their necessary deployment.

Prepare for anything. Since PODS containers can be left at the worksite and utilized during the staging and installation of FF&E, this allows room for last minute deliveries and unexpected changes.

Get peace of mind in storage security. Unlike converted steel shipping containers, PODS’ containers are able to ‘breathe.’ Significantly decreasing condensation and other moisture-related issues that can penetrate packaging and ruin costly materials.

Inventory Transfer

  • Manage numerous locations with greater ease.
  • Eliminate worker and equipment downtime.
  • Become better prepared throughout events.
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From carnivals and car shows to festivals and fish fries, PODS delivers simple, flexible ways to protect and transport goods — without having to coordinate with separate fleet and storage rentals.

Get everything in the right place, at the right time. PODS® containers are the perfect answer to moving, safeguarding, and staging products, props, banners, or almost anything else needed for short-lived events. Whether you are looking to store a couple of stages for a music festival, or thirty trade show booths, PODS makes it easier from start to finish.

Many cities, one solution. Overseeing numerous events in multiple cities? Cut down on worker costs and logistical issues by choosing portable PODS containers. Whether it's trial-use road shows, business conferences or sporting events, PODS delivers an integrated, adaptable choice that eliminates double-handling and overspending.

Solving business problems while helping children. Hundreds of non-profit organizations choose PODS containers for their charitable collection campaigns. Allowing them to better manage multiple deliveries and pick ups to various locations.


Remodel, Resets and Renovations

  • Safeguard against theft.
  • Prevent furniture damage caused by the construction process.
  • Ensure subcontractors stay on schedule.
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From large retail chains to a small boutique contractor, PODS can support almost any size remodeling, renovating, resetting or refurbishing project.

Transport merchandise with ease. With PODS containers and secure Storage Centers, you can easily load, move and store merchandise until it's ready to either be restocked or delivered to other store locations.

Create space for construction workers. Furniture, fixtures and other equipment can get in the way during the construction process. Give workers room to work and speed up the construction process by storing these items in PODS containers.

Mitigate liability. Leaving furniture, products and other expensive equipment out in the open during construction is risky. From debris, to damage to theft, PODS containers and local Storage Centers provide cost-effective solutions that keeps your merchandise out of harm's way.