How Pods Works

PODS enables you to bring together Local and Long-Distance Transportation, Secure Warehouse Storage and On-Site Project Storage. Reducing steps, saving time providing flexibility to handle last-minute changes and customer requests.

PODS helps you resolve complicated logistical issues. Enable streamlined company practices. Pursue competitive strategies. Speed up project timelines. Take a holistic approach to the many parts that make up your company in ways that excite customers and promote greater innovation for business.

This distinctive method to problem solving uses the five PODS system elements:

  • PODS® Secure Mobile Storage Containers
  • PODZILLA® Proprietary Level-Load Lift System
  • Local Truck Fleets and National Transportation Hubs
  • Local Climate-Controlled Storage Centers
  • PODS® Business Central Account Team with Single Point of Contact


On-Site Storage

Warehouse Storage

PODS Container and Sizes

Greater Flexibility Secures Success

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On-Site Storage

Have PODS storage containers conveniently delivered to your location and then picked up when you are ready.

Off-Site Storage

Keep your PODS containers at our local, secure Storage Center until they're needed again. The centers are safe, clean, and dry with convenient hours of operation.

Moving Around the Block or Across the Country

With PODS secure Storage Centers located all over North America, PODS is able to transport containers almost anywhere you need them to be.

Your Possessions are Protected

Along with being secure, PODS containers are weather resistant and can handle winds of up to 110 mph. Plus, PODS containers are made to be 'breathable,' which helps prevent moisture issues like condensation and mold.


Every PODS delivery truck is equipped with PODIZILLA, the PODS patented lift system. This system is designed to minimize shifting of contents, as well as provide careful loading and unloading capabilities.

7' Container Interior Dimensions

Length: 84"

Width: 84"

Height: 96"

Square Feet: 48'

Cubic Feet: 368'

12' Container Interior Dimensions

Length: 144"

Width: 96"

Height: 96"

Square Feet: 88'

Cubic Feet: 664'

16' Container Interior Dimensions

Length: 192"

Width: 96"

Height: 96"

Square Feet: 118'

Cubic Feet: 886'

Podzilla Lift System

PODS® containers are transported with our patented Podzilla® detachable lift system. This innovative system makes it possible to place containers in hard-to-fit locations where other roll-off systems can't. Plus, Podzilla, can easily move full containers to a different area of the jobsite, or on to the next job.

Podzilla keeps containers level to limit shifting and provide overall protection of contents throughout the entire transportation journey. Each lift system is attached to a versatile PODS truck and is controlled by a specially trained PODS driver and Podzilla operater. Ensuring your PODS containers are in good hands.

PODS Storage Centers

Secure and Accessible

PODS can store your locked containers at a PODS secure Storage Center that's close to you. With a combination of secure container storage and appointment-only access, the PODS secure Storage Centers drastically reduce the potential for theft or damage compared to shared warehouses or self-storage lots.

PODS provides retailers more than 220 secure and mostly climate controlled Storage Centers in four countries, with PODS representatives trained to know, adjust to and service your needs in the timeframe that's best for you.

Mobile Storage Containers
Secure Storage Centers
Regional Delivery Trucks

The PODS Network

Unmatched Coverage

Whether you're asking for a same-day delivery to 400 locations, or remodeling 40 stores across the country, PODS will work to find a solution that enables our clients to take full advantage of our size and scale.

At PODS, our size of local and national capabilities is unmatched. The PODS interconnected network of 160,000+ mobile storage containers, 220+ secure Storage Centers and 600+ regional delivery trucks with Podzilla lift systems enable PODS to store and move products, furniture and equipment with greater efficiency, lower cost and at the largest possible reach.

The Business Central Team

Streamline and Manage

  • Get cost estimates
  • Easily plan container deliveries and pick up
  • Manage job-specific needs
  • Modify delivery schedules

The PODS® Business Central team is comprised of skillful account managers who are experienced in handling a variety of different needs and industries from commercial to government.

Whether you're national or local, our account managers are able to collaborate with you and work through the logistics to develop the transportation and storage solution that's right for you. Is PODS a good fit for your business? Well, if your needs consist of moving and storing, then chances are good our containers and out-of-the-box thinking can help your business grow.

Choose a company you can trust. With more than than two million deliveries and over a decade of perfecting our system, PODS is ready to enable you to streamline and manage your business like never before.

Give us a call at 855-205-1238 or email us with your hardest questions and most ambitious projects.