How PODS® helped Radio Disney carry out a national summer tour in 42 markets


Radio Disney Networks is an internationally recognized American radio network aimed at kids and “‘tweens” and headquartered in Burbank, California.




Radio Disney’s summer “Move It!” tour covered 42 cities, 29 states, and nearly 20,000 miles in seven weeks. An interactive tour, it would feature booths and marketing materials at malls. Tour locations spanned the entire U.S., from Seattle to Los Angeles and Miami to Boston, with six separate tour routes. All materials were to be produced and pre-staged in one central location, New Hampshire, and then shipped to specific mall locations. PODS was the obvious choice for the job, given the company’s experience in event logistics, their highly rated customer service, and their low claims rate.



To begin with, PODS designated a single, dedicated Business Solutions Specialist, who handled scheduling and provided pre-delivery calls for each location. PODS provided one container for each of the tour’s six separate sub-routes. Each container was pre-packed with all materials necessary for seven stops on each tour. PODS containers were delivered and picked up using the PODZILLA® patented lift system – designed to minimize the shifting of contents.



The initial delivery to Seattle took only five days after the containers were pre-loaded. For the duration of the tour, all containers were delivered on time with displays and event materials in perfect condition. “PODS made a huge difference in executing the ‘Move It!’ event. It saved the team at least 20 – 30 hours of event preparation, packing, and transporting the materials for this event,” said Jaccalen Grillo-Campagnone, Marketing and Promotions Manager at Radio Disney Providence. “My experience with PODS was one like no other,” said Lison Zapach, Promotions Manager for Radio Disney Integrated Marketing. “The dedication of everyone on the team, from corporate to the franchise owners to the drivers, was outstanding. Planning this 42-market tour was a success because of PODS. Not only did it save Radio Disney more than 40% in shipping costs, and collectively thousands of hours in labor, everything ran like a well-oiled machine.”



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