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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.




How a world-leading hotel cut employee relocation costs using PODS® combined moving and storage solutions.





The hotel had been paying tens of thousands of dollars per month for employee relocation moving and storage fees and was looking for an early checkout from their current moving and storage situation. One partner was charging $9,500 for eight months of storage, while another was charging $8,500 for just a single move. Not only that, the hotel was required to pay additional fees every time an employee wanted to access their belongings. Additionally, there was a high-volume of claims.





PODS designated a direct single point of contact to handle all aspects of the employees’ moves while helping them stay within their relocation cap allowances. The hotel’s employees utilized PODS’ short- and long-term cost-effective storage capabilities in local secure Storage Centers. Scheduling the delivery and pick-up of a PODS container via a PODZILLA® patented lift system—designed to minimize the shifting of contents—was as easy as making a phone call. PODS’ extremely low claims rate—2% compared to the industry average of 20%--was a breath of fresh air to transferees.



The hotel was able to significantly save on the storage component of their moves. There was also an overall decrease in disruptions, claims and stress level and an increase in flexibility and convenience for both transferees and the corporate management. Today, this company continues to enjoy the benefits and capabilities of PODS.



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