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State-of-the-Art Moving & Storage Containers and Lift System

PODS® Container Sizes 

Sturdy, weather-resistant storage

Reduce the risk of theft and damage by the elements with PODS’ sturdy, steel-framed, weather-resistant containers, which have been determined to withstand high velocity winds when fully loaded.

You own the only lock and key for extra security

With PODS, you own the lock, so you and your staff have the only key.

Scalable solutions

Changes in project scope are inevitable. Whether you need half a dozen containers this week and 100 the next week, or a dozen this week and two the next, at PODS, you can get the quantity of containers you require with the flexibility to scale up or down should your project needs change.

Ground-level loading

PODS containers rest at ground level, so you can load and unload with ease.

PODZILLA® patented lift system

PODS containers are moved using PODZILLA, our patented lift system designed to keep containers – and their contents – level while being loaded onto and off the truck, and to easily position containers in hard-to-reach or tough-to-fit locations. Our drivers only need 12´ in width and 15´ in height to place your container where you need it.


*Both the 7-foot container and 16-foot container are available for long-distance moves in the U.S. and Canada. For local moving and storage, 12-foot and 16-foot containers are available in all PODS locations. Many locations also offer our 7-foot container locally.

PODS Container Sizes

7-Foot Container**

Exterior dimensions: 7´× 7´ × 8´

Cubic Feet: 368'

12-Foot Container**

Exterior dimensions: 12´× 8´ × 8´

Cubic Feet: 664'

16-Foot Container**

Exterior dimensions: 16´× 8´ × 8´

Cubic Feet: 858'


**All dimensions are approximate.

Secure & accessible

200,000 +

Mobile storage containers 

230 +

Secure storage centers 

3 million +

Regional deliveries made

Thousands of contractors have made the smart decision to partner with PODS® to help increase construction site efficiency, manage costs more effectively, and reduce the risk of damage and theft.

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