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Learn more about how PODS helps businesses across different industries to find a solution that works for you.







Keep equipment and materials secure and organized with 3 available container sizes. Move full containers for easy multi-location distribution so you can stay on schedule. 







Simplify storage and packouts with on-site storage containers. Protect tools and equipment from damage or theft with sturdy, steel-framed, weather-resistant PODS storage containers. 










Corporate Relocation

Customized solutions create an excellent experience during employee relocation. Our relocation specialist team can help with cross country moves, scheduling, and short and long term storage. 







Containers can be kept on-site during campus remodeling or off-site at our secure warehouse storage facilities. Keep equipment and materials organized and simplify seasonal storage and overstock. 







GSA pricing, direct billing, and single point-of-contact help effectively manage inventory when providing relief during disaster recovery and on-site storage leads to fewer storage bottlenecks.







AWith short and long term storage our White Glove Experience can help reduce clutter, manage inventory, and aid in renovation projects. 






Hotels & Hospitality

Portable On Demand Storage helps keep equipment and materials organized and projects on time and on budget. Transporting equipment and inventory is easy with on-site or off-site storage. 







ASimplify storage and packouts with Portable On Demand Storage. Protect equipment from damage or theft and keep your equipment organized with 3 sizes of containers. 







AOpening new locations is easy with mobile storage units. Highly trained Busiiness Solution Specialists can help with seasonal storage, logistics, and more. 







Parking spot-sized containers simplify seasonal storage and overstock problems, and with Portable On Demand Storage, multi-location distribution is easy.  






Special Events

APortable storage containers can be kept on or off-site making it easy to transport equipment, stay on schedule, and prepare for the unexpected. 






Other Industries

Portable storage containers can be kept on-site, stored in our warehouses, or transported safely to help any business. 


The PODS Network

With more than 200,000 containers, 230 PODS Storage Centers, and 600 regional delivery trucks in North America alone, the scope of PODS’ local and national capabilities is unmatched. 

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How PODS Works

Add flexibility and mobility to your jobsite storage with PODS’ convenient, innovative solutions.

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PODS Container Sizes

Easily manage multiple subcontractors with portable storage solutions that provide them with everything they need from start to finish.

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