Flexible Jobsite Storage

PODS® tailors a flexible, scalable portable storage solution that aligns with your construction project – and can be changed as your project changes.

Rarely does a job go exactly as planned, putting you at risk for missing deadlines or going off-budget. That’s why staying flexible is critical.

PODS tailors a customized solution that aligns with the goals of your project – and can be changed as your project changes. So even in the face of the unexpected, you can avoid costly delays by ensuring your tools and materials are organized and ready for use when and where you need them. 

Secure, flexible jobsite storage with three container sizes to help you get the job done faster, easier, and on-budget.

You can utilize PODS containers in a number of ways, including:

  • Convenient, secure jobsite storage that moves with your crew
  • Mobile work sheds
  • A smart alternative to traditional warehousing

Easily move your containers, even when fully loaded

Need to move to another location? No problem. PODS easily repositions your containers across the jobsite, across town, or across the country.

Minimize the shifting of tools and equipment

Our revolutionary patented lift system, PODZILLA®, keeps containers level while being loaded onto and off PODS trucks, and it easily positions containers in hard-to-reach or tough-to-fit locations.

Maximize worksite space with small-footprint storage

PODS containers are designed to fit in the space of a single parking spot. 

Scale up or down as needed

Changes in project scope are inevitable. You might need 5 containers this week and 50 next week, or 10 this week and 2 the next. At PODS, you can get the quantity of containers you require with the flexibility to scale up or down should your project size change.

  • Choose from multiple container sizes to accommodate any size construction or renovation project. 
  • Gain access to an enormous fleet of over 170,000 PODS containers to support your needs.
  • Get logistics support from a direct point-of-contact from our Business Solutions Team, who will help you manage your entire fleet of containers.

Learn more about how PODS can help with secure construction storage, storage for subcontractors, and logistics support.








Add flexibility and mobility to your jobsite storage with PODS’ convenient, innovative solutions.






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