A Brilliant Relocation Solution


Flexible moving and storage for a seamless transition


With over 600,000 long-distance moves and nearly two decades of experience under our belt, PODS® is a leading relocation partner offering a smarter, cost-effective process with unmatched flexibility. 

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Moving Made Easy

Reduce the stress of relocation with a convenient solution that puts your transferees in control of the process. 

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Built-In Storage

Transferees can store for as long as they need at any time, either at their location or at one of our secure PODS Storage Centers.

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Flexible Options

Flexibility is built into the PODS process, so transferees can be prepared for the unexpected and stress less.

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Dedicated Specialists 

A single point-of-contact from our PODS Business Solutions Team is your “one-stop shop” for all your logistical needs.

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Relocation Case Study: Enabling a Hospitality Company to Rest Easy

PODS helps a hospitality company cut moving and storage costs while increasing employee satisfaction

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A National Restaurant Chain Simplifies Relocation

How a Florida-based national restaurant chain utilized PODS to reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of their corporate relocation program

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The PODS Network

With more than 170,000 containers, 230 PODS Storage Centers, and 600 regional delivery trucks in North America alone, the scope of PODS’ local and national capabilities is unmatched. 

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How PODS Works

Add flexibility and mobility to your jobsite storage with PODS’ convenient, innovative solutions.

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PODS Container Sizes

Easily manage multiple subcontractors with portable storage solutions that provide them with everything they need from start to finish.

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