PODS® can transport and store equipment and supplies for your special event practically anywhere.

With a nationwide network and built-in flexibility, PODS® is the smart solution for storing and transporting goods and equipment for events, from carnivals and car shows to festivals and sporting events.

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Flexible, Efficient Solutions

PODS delivers convenient, flexible ways to store and transport goods and equipment – without having to coordinate with separate fleet and storage facilities.

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Scalable Solutions

Scale up or down as needed should your event needs change.

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Manage Multiple Events

Whether you’re holding two events in the same county or hundreds across the country, PODS can accommodate your needs.

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Personalized Logistics Support

Keep events on track with your own dedicated Business Solutions Specialist, who will help you manage your entire fleet of containers.

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Special Events Case Study

PODS Helps Times Square Ring in the New Year

How PODS for Business helped to alleviate the stress of throwing one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in one of the most highly trafficked locations in the world

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Special Events Case Study

Taking Radio Disney Coast to Coast 

How PODS helped Radio Disney carry out a national summer tour in 42 markets

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Special Events Case Study

Giving IRONMAN® and Iron Girl® a Running Start

How PODS helped these internationally recognized fitness brands execute a series of endurance events

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The PODS Network

With more than 170,000 containers, 230 PODS Storage Centers, and 600 regional delivery trucks in North America alone, the scope of PODS’ local and national capabilities is unmatched. 

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How PODS Works

Add flexibility and mobility to your jobsite storage with PODS’ convenient, innovative solutions.

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PODS Container Sizes

Easily manage multiple subcontractors with portable storage solutions that provide them with everything they need from start to finish.

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